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I am hope holly jack is amazing sing for Cinderella and Stephen Purdon play amazing at Boabina
scott hood
It looks amazing
Conor Cree
Brilliant as always although my Granddaughters were spooked by the electronic giant......lol
David Bird
had a wonderful night at the Panto. We brought our Granddaughters from Spain for their very first Panto and they really loved it, especially when their names were called out. Thanks to all the staff and players in the Pavilion for a great time.
ken brown
Went to see the panto last night and thought it was fantastic. Everyone in the show was outstanding, particularly loved the the performance by Joyce as the wicked witch. Her humour and mannerisms were hilarious. Look forward to next year.
That's my 6th visit and every show was great entertainment Nicola park AMAZINGLY funny as usual Nice to see the NP dancers alongside her too. All dancers showed AMAZING talent/energy. Well done to all <
Sandra Harrison
Went to the pantomime tonight it was an amazing show both me and my husband loved it. The whole cast were fantastic but Nicola park( good witch Glenda) what a star u were amazing and also liam(tin man) he was hilarious. Roll on Cinderella xx
Just home from the Wizard of Never Woz ,Nicola Park was amazing such a funny lady . She is one in a million and a great entertainer . It was lovely to see a junior chorus in the panto . Well done to the whole cast xx
Margaret Rose School of Dance .e mail margaretroseschoolofdance@hotmail.com
Went to the panto last night must say it’s the best one I’ve seen and we go every year
Margaret may
Family had a fab night at the show last night. Nicola and the rest of the cast were brilliant as ever. We loved wee Toto in the basket and would liked to have seen more of him. Will defo be back for next year's adventures :D
Jaqueline Coleman
Just back from panto! Another amazing show! All the cast done a fantastic job again! Laughed from start till finish... Absolutely love Nicola and go to every show of Nicolas .. can't wait till next panto.. Great night guys xx
Laura Humphreys
Fantastic panto. Tin man was so funny. The whole cast were brilliant. Will be back next year. Thanks guys
Henry G
Toto in his wee basket was my favourite ever. I want one!!!
Elaine P
Me and brother went to see the wizard of never woz on the 6th Jan and was the best panto I have ever seen
Absolutely fantastic, they were all brilliant but Liam Dolan...well...take my hat of to the guy, funny as couple of comedy gold moments when the script was "flumped" but the comeback was even better, in fact, it made it for me 10/10 guys
Eddie Fraser
Fab Danny show.amazing cast especially Nicola Park she is the reason we all keep coming back. Brings sunshine to a very dull day .Love it . Dpnt miss it
Seen this last night and must say it was a fab show and the highlight of the night was the tin man..hilarious.
Kate Merry
I have just been to see The Wizard of Never Woz today Saturday 30th of December and I have been blown away with the show. Outstanding. Brilliant stage show the cast were absolutely fantastic great songs sfx amazing. Thanks to everyone who put their all into a fantastic performance.
Martin Walters
Was at panto Sunday 10th December great show cast fantastic dancers excellent and audience participation brilliant as always Well done everyone
Richard O'Malley
What a fantastic show last night. The young lad who stood in for Grado was fantastic would never have known he was an understudy. Great panto great story and as usual fantastic ad libbing when things go wrong. Thanks for an amazing night.
Cat Hope
was at todays show with family great show right from staff at front door till the cast of the show everyone had a smile pavilion never lets you down merry xmas to everyone .my wee granddaughter mollie loved the dancers
robert rae
Just back from seeing this with my mum for her birthday what a great night fun for all ages ! Everyone was excellent however I thought the tin man was the highlight ..great show troops ...ITS YIRSEL
i went with my son and daughter and it was my sons first panto and it was a great on to start on it was funny,entertaining and a great night
josh hutcherson
I saw the Wizard of Never Woz this week and thought the panto was fantastic. Great to see Christian back in the pantomime, all the cast were brilliant. I enjoyed the songs from The Wiz, A Brand New Day and Ease on Down the Road. The Tin Man’s impressions were very funny especially Mrs Brown’s Boys. Great atmosphere in the Pavilion, I even treated myself to a flashing wand! Well done to all the cast and dancers you were all amazing.
Tracey McEwan
Great performances all round, nice to see Chris back, but Liam Dolan ,you stole the show with your impressions and usual 'story so far'.....thanks to all for a super day out
Just back from The Wizard of Never Was with my 3 Granddaughters 18-17-9. Brilliant possibly the best panto yet.
John O'Connor
Myself and son went to see it on the 12th of Dec it was brilliant so funny and the tin man's impressions were FABULOUS what an enjoyable panto thanku for all the laughs
Gail Lewis
What an absolutely fantastic night my daughter and I had tonight, laughed from the opening scenes until the end. The wizard that never was had us in stitches right to the end.
Sheila Mckillop
Best panto I've been too in ages laughed through out all the cast was amazing well done to the dancers to a lot of hard work for everyone involved roll on next year
John Speight
What a fabulous day out Great cast and great show !! Well done !!
Irene Mackenzie
Loved loved loved this years panto . Fabulous to see Dean and Christian back. Our family's been coming for 30+ years since my daughter was a toddler and we don't miss a single year! Keep up the good work
Brenda Davidson
Fantastic, so funny we all had a great night, brilliant cast and costumes well worth a visit.
One of my favourite pantomimes ever! I am so very happy that this year's pantomime will be 'The Wizard of Never Woz'. The pavilion pantomimes are always so funny and some year's, I even go twice! I myself organise 'panto plans' months in advance and would highly recommend that if you would like tickets, book ASAP! Recommended to all ages!
Rory Mulgrew
sounds good :-)

Comments for last year's panto:

Really good
Was at the last panto yesterday afternoon and it was so magical and funby congratulations cast and crew and front of house staff and Mr Iain Gordon Him Self ?
best show out went 11 jan thought it was Christmas again. at 82 i was 10 and loving it a great cast, stage effects and atmosphere thank you
bill gamble
A group of 6 of us went on Tuesday 10th January a great night was had by all very funny especially Elfie and Snowflake we come from Edinburgh every year to the pavilion as we love the humor.
Loved this years panto at the pavilion...laughed from start to finish,went to see it twice once in December with my wee boy he loved it so much we went again on the 10/01/17....had a brilliant time loved all performers especially snowflake and elfie...well done to everyone..x
I would like to say it again and a thought it was so funny and a think bob is so funny and a thought it was so christmasy xxxxx.
Jordan milan.
Went,7-1-17 with my mum and granddaughter.what a fantastic show, laughed so much,what a brilliant cast, and the snow..magical...Thank you..and well done guys..x
janette downie
Thought elvies was fantastic luved every minute especially the youngest dancer thought she stole the show fantastic well done everyone
Once again the Pavilion Panto outshines all others.Had 5 granddaughters between ages 15 down to 6yrs and all of them loved it from start to finish(so did I as well of course)
mary diamond
Hilarious panto, laughed from start to finish at the scripted and non scripted jokes ! We live in Australia and my kids love going to the pavilion when we are back in Glasgow . My 8 year old thinks Elfie was peck the parrot in the last panto we seen ! Still laughing !
me and my best friend liked it and it was so funny
liz mckay
Each year I organise a visit to the panto for family and friends from work. It started off about 21 people and gradually increased to 46. For 3 families this was their first time at the Glasgow show. I can honestly say that they all loved the show. The new Elf did the right thing- not copy the last one and have his own character. Everyone was great but must confirm that Nicola was the star for me and my wife and I chatted to her after the show on Saturday evening. She is a very lovely and warm lady. So thanks again to all the cast for helping everyone to forget what worries they may have just for one evening. Hope to see you next week.
Hi Bob and busted Am big fan and get picture of u guys
maria carlin
What an amazing first half panto is fab Nicola Park has stole the show
Loved it. When the wee fat fairy said Kentucky Fried *****? Nearly **** maself. Hilarious wee troll man
Jack paterson
Fun fun loved the fried egg scene
GREAT! Loved it especially the wrestling scene. At the show on 4th Dec 2:00pm elfie forgot his ears at one point!
Arran Wilson
Absolutely fantastic, really funny, would definitely go see it again
Ioved the apple sketch
sounds good
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