Stephen Purdon as Dumb

Awrite troops!

It's panto time again! Oh yes it is!! It is an absolute pleasure to be back working at the beautiful Pavilion Theatre for what will be my 11th pantomime here!  Can't believe that!

This year is The Wizard of Never Woz which is one of my all-time favourite pantomimes, I've played the scarecrow twice before, but this time I'm playing the part of "Dumb" one of the wicked witches henchman, so you could say he's a "semi-baddy", which is great for me cos I've never really played any sort of baddy before!  So I'm looking forward to hearing some boos from you lot!

This year as always we have an outstanding cast, my old friends Dean and Christian are back which I am so excited about.  So anyway troops, hope youse are all looking forward to this
as much as I am!  Have a blast!  Speak soon

Stephen X

Stephen Purdon as Dumb
Dean Park as Leo the Lion
Christian as Scatty Scarecrow
Nicola Park as the Good Fairy Glinda
Holly Jack as Dorothy
Joyce Falconer as the Wicked Witch of the West
Stephen Purdon as Dumb
Grado as Dumber
Liam Dolan as Tinny the Tin Man